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Why Invest in Gurgaon or NCR

Posted by praveenyadav on May 30, 2018
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Daily we meet number of people who ask us “best place to invest in property in NCR”, “best investment property in Gurgaon”, “best place for rental returns in Gurgaon” etc.

Property investment is not everybody’s game. It requires an property IQ, which an investor gains after seeing ups and downs in the market for their investments. It’s also not necessarily be true that an investor doesn’t care about the property type, if they are sure about the return. I have seen many investors who invests only on one type of property which could be commercial, residential, virtual office spaces or any other type.

First of all you need to be sure what’s your investment area. You can gain this knowledge on the basis of your gut feelings or if you have any friend, family member who has prior knowledge of the field.

If we take Gurgaon specifically, Real Estate of Gurgaon is doing well if considered with other cities. Affordable high quality office spaces as compared to Delhi has made Gurgaon best choice in NCR for MNCs. One of the survey even mentioned that in 2017 Gurgaon had 57% share in preferred office destination in NCR. Better connectivity and planning is one the main reason for this percentage. Though it’s not like that all the sectors of Gurgaon have done well in Real Estate. Sectors like 54,56, DLF Phase -1,2,3 etc have done exceptionally well and mid segment sectors like Palam Vihar did badly in the past year.

Sometimes we as an investor think that if we invest in a property which is located in a top notch area then the returns would be less and mid sectors can yield more returns. The above mentioned paragraph clears the same doubt.

Properties in DLF Phase 3 for example have yield a return of around 30-40% in last 3-4 Years. Also there are a few options which are yielding around 10% rental return annually. So if we consider both the appreciation and rental return of the property, those who have invested in here would have got a return of at-least 60-70%. By this we mean within 5-6 Years you can double your investment which is beyond imaginable from Real Estate.

There are other sectors too in Gurgaon which are seeing growth of around 10% annually. So take help from our Professional team and start investing with us. We at Nikhar Estate always welcome the investors who bring not only just money but also their experience to the table.

NOTE: The investment options mentioned in this blog are meant for investors and not for end users.

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